Business Ideas

Legal Aspects in Business



1. Understanding of Business Law

If you look from the title above, no other has two meanings of understanding that is law and business. After that new can be combined understanding between law and business so that can be obtained explanation about Business Law.


The law according to the jurists:

– Meyers interpret the Law “As all rules that contain moral judgment, addressed to human behavior in society which became the guideline for the state authorities in doing their duty”.

– Utrecht Interpret Law “It is a set of rules (orders and restrictions) that take care of the order of a society and therefore must be obeyed by society”.

While the business is an activity that is done continuously, acting out, in the field of economy and aims to seek profit. Benefits are the main target of a business activity.


So, it can be concluded that Business Law is a set of rules of law (including its enforcement) governing the procedures for the conduct of business or commercial, industrial or financial affairs connected with the production or exchange of goods or services by placing money from entrepreneurs at certain risk by business certain with the motive (of the entrepreneur) is to gain profit. All you need to know more about legal aspect or if you need some services for your business legal, you can visit Clearwater Business Law for more.


2. The Importance of Business Laws for Business / Economy Persons

Today business activities are growing so rapidly and continue to spread to various fields, both concerning goods and services. Business is one of the supporting pillars in supporting economic development and development. In doing business it is impossible for a business person to be independent of the law because the law plays a role in managing the business so that the business can run smoothly, orderly, safe so that no parties are harmed as a result of the business activity.


3. Objectives of Business Law within the Company

The law enforced has a purpose known for its legal purpose. The legal has a purpose to organize a peaceful life.

In addition to having a purpose, the law also has a function. The function of law refers to the purpose of law. some of the functions of law include the law as a means of settling disputes, the achievement of inner and outer justice and as a means of community renewal.

In relation to the means of community renewal, the law must be able to change the behavior of the society itself, from irregular society to an organized society.

From these legal objectives, the objective of any business law in a company refers to the purpose of law. The purpose of business law is the existence of justice, order, and legal certainty for the business in carrying out its business activities.


4. Scope of Business Law

In the Company, Business Law is always there when the first time a businessman undertakes a business activity that begins with a written agreement contained in a form of written agreement commonly termed the contract. After the contract is made and approved, it is not uncommon for businesspeople to create a container for the purpose and purpose of the contract, such as the establishment of the container, including private companies, civil partnerships, firms, limited liability companies and cooperatives. Business activities also cover not only the making of containers, not infrequently the business act also includes intellectual property rights such as brands, patents, industrial designs, and trade secrets. In running a business is not uncommon also apply for credit to the bank. Businesses can apply for credit to the Bank and usually the Bank will distribute the credit if one of the business and the company has an account to a good person and have a good consumer as well.