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Advantages of Postcard as Media for Branding

When planning to promote your own brand, there are many ways you can choose to get your potential clients. But, among all ways, which methods can you make as your marketing tool? Postcards can be a good alternative. Although it sounds old-fashioned, these four things actually show that postcards have their own advantages as a media for branding, let’s look at some of the advantages of postcards.

1. The Postcard is Easily Stored by Customers

Size is the first reason why postcards are suitable for your brand promotion media. With sizes that are not too large or small, Save the date postcards have the ideal size to be stored by the recipients or affixed to the refrigerator or cupboard. Not only that, the postcard also has a size large enough to be read from a distance. This reason can help your brand keep on being remembered by customers when they pass the dependent postcard.

2. Postcard Can Provide More Than One Information

Through postcards, you can also provide a lot of information or promotions such as coupons, features and advantages of your business products. When making a postcard, you can insert various types of promotional programs / discounts on a monthly basis so that your customers will always save and see the postcard that you send. You can also send a promotional or discount program together with a birthday greeting card for customers so they feel they get a special gift from your brand on their special day. This feeling of appreciation will keep them loyal to buy your product.

3. Postcard Adds Personal Touch to Customers

Through postcards, you can also send a thank you to customers for using your product or for being a loyal customer of the product. Thank you for being able to say it by e-mail, but with a postcard your greeting will be conveyed effectively. Customers will feel very appreciated and flattered for the postcard they received. Compared to e-mail, many customers who finally choose to skip the e-mail or worse, your e-mail will end up in the spam box.

4. Print Postcard Easy and fast

Printing a postcard for your brand promotion can be done quickly and easily. You also do not need to worry if the printing process is long because with the latest printing technology such as those owned by Uprint, postcard printing does not require a long time. Not only that, postcard shipments are cheaper than other mailings. This will also really help you to save costs and time for your business.