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About Bible Studying

It is a great habit to read the bible but, it is way better to study the passages and verses in it. This article is intended to inspire and educate people to have a deeper relation and stronger bond with God. So without further ado, below let us look what actually bible reading and bible studying is.

When you read the bible, this means that you’re just reading the words on pages superficially and find no meaning in it. They are not letting the words to bring impact to their lives. As for someone who just reads the bible, it’s lacking of life. There aren’t any notes taken or even recorded impressions so if they receive a blessing, it’s forgotten soon enough.

Though, it is not actually bad to just do readings as it is capable of replacing secular books and articles that crowd out our spiritual things. It can be advantageous to read most especially if it is viewed as a way to saturate the mind with God’s Words in addition to studying.

Speaking of studying, what is really meant by meant by bible studying? As a matter of fact, studying is the process to which one thoughtfully and carefully spends time in their bible. This is a kind of method that includes interpretation, application and observation with paper and pen in hand. The words will start to take shape and make an impressions upon its reader the true importance of integrating it into their day to day lives. Doing comparison and review of future studies is the main objectives of taking notes.
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Now that you have figured out what bible reading and bible studying is and to why they matter, let’s move forward to what makes them different.
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The truth is, there are 3 big differences between studying and reading and these include method, experience and attitude.

Attitude of reverence is divided into 2 terms like for example, when a student of bible reveres scriptures, they’ll be drawn to search the pages carefully. Soon after, they’ll develop a desire of searching it on other media or books and want to know the bible, quote bible, talk bible, share bible and study bible.

There are easy to follow methods that can be viewed as differences between reading and studying. Since good methods can be passed on, they’re more than enough to follow. Always take into account that anyone can devote their time reading and studying it.

Yet another difference of the two is the life changing experience it has. If you’re studying the bible, it is more likely to have consistent conformity to the image of Christ.