Will Household Pests Always Haunt Your Family?

People who are very tolerant of pests such as cockroaches, ants and creepy pests have become common knowledge. In fact, some are bred to be eaten. But did you know that pests that roam your house might be dangerous? As an example:

Some ant species are known as animals that bite and can spread harmful bacteria after roaming in dirty areas. Cockroaches spread several types of diseases and cause food poisoning such as Salmonellosis. Mice spread infectious infections that cause food poisoning and Leptospirosis.

Most homeowners try to deal with their own pests and in the end only deal with the fleas seen at this time, and not the root causes of pest problems. Under the walls and in gaps, there is a nest of pests which cannot be reached by self-treatment. In addition, unlicensed use of pesticides is also known to be harmful to health and the environment. Home is your shelter; where you can let go of all your worries and feel comfortable. All that can be lost with the presence of pests. A pest attack that is kept continuously does not only cost money but will provide serious health and safety threats to your home and family. The best way is to contact a professional and trusted pest controller to deal with it. Boise pest eradication has the right tools and experience to identify pest problems and recommend appropriate ways to overcome them. In addition, they also have a team of experts specialized in the field of pest biology studies and have been certified to provide recommendations and effective solutions.

Termites, Cockroaches and Bedbugs. You might shudder by just mentioning this triad of creatures. 3 series that are difficult to find hiding in your house, experts sneak up, cause riots and leave a trail of damage. As a homeowner, it will be very troubled by this triumvirate. Because it is very important to know what strategies should be taken to protect the house from this horrible creatures

1. Termites

Information – The main attacker, small but very powerful. One termite colony itself consists of 350,000 soldiers. And if you have seen a termite, the troops will not be far behind it. They love wood, and your home’s wood is equivalent to their star-rated restaurant food; they will eat according to the grooves they go through, doors, floors, beams, and other objects that make your home stand. Be careful!

Special Power – Termites have extraordinary hiding skills; they like to hide in the dirt tunnel that they make and hide inside, so it’s hard to see where they are until they reach a high population. They are also professional eaters and eat wood 24 hours a day, they are able to chew 31 grams of wood in one day.

Attack Strategies – Termites need water, keep them away from water so they cannot last long. Keep your building structure dry and cover all cracks and cracks in your home, contact help Professional pest control if you are unable to deal with it

2. Bedbugs

Information – Their favorite hideout is between sofas, curtains, carpets and mattresses. The bad news is that these horrible creatures can make your comfortable bedroom become your nightmare

Special Power – Very flexible, even able to enter into the room through a very small gap

Attack Strategy – Place a suitcase outside the bedroom if you have just returned from traveling and keep your room clean. If you see a black dot on the mattress or wall, immediately call an expert for further recommendations

3. Cockroaches

Information – The only creature that can survive the extinction of prehistoric creatures, cockroaches are the king of this triad! Appearing only at night, they spent the rest of the day hiding and waiting to attack after the lights went out.

Special Power – They can reproduce very quickly and can transform from nymphs to adults in 6 weeks. They can also survive without food for months

Attack Strategy – Although cockroaches don’t need food, they really need water. Remove all food waste regularly, clean water spills, repair water leaks. Also remove all their hiding places.