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You should keep your home free from dangers especially if you have children. Mothers are known to be cautious, but often they overlook some of the dangers within the house. Majority of individuals often focus on the generals hazards such as bad smell by making their home clean at the expense of more serious risks. Unfortunately, some of the dangers that are usually overlooked courses long term-health problems such as cancer. Therefore, to avoid developing health complications, you should make sure that your home is completely free of danger. The article herein discusses some of the materials that you should be aware of around your home.

One of the dangers in our home is salmonella and E.coli which causes serious health problems that may result in death if not treated. They are commonly found in foods such as meat, and it follows with stomach upset. Some of the techniques that you should employ to remove salmonella and E.coli is handling food with thoroughly cleaned hands. Foods such as chicken should be properly cooked and the cooking area should also be clean. Cross contamination can also make you consume the bacteria, and therefore you should have different cooking materials for different meals.

Asbestos was a major component of construction materials in the past. Therefore, if you live in an old house you should hire an experts to help in identification of asbestos materials around your house so that you can replace them. Some of the asbestos containing materials around the house and cannot be removed should also be avoided. Excessive of exposure to asbestos causes different kinds of mesothelioma cancer such as pleural and abdominal. To be sure of an asbestos free home you should seek help of asbestos abatement companies. You should ensure that you put on the right protective clothing to avoid inhalation and ingestion of asbestos.

Mold is also common in home especially in damp areas. The effects of the mold on human health depends on the size. Large quantities of mold interferes with the quality of air which in turn causes respiratory problems especially in children. To get rid of hidden mold you should seek professional help. Some of the common places around the house where mold is found are below floorboards, cellars and windowsills. Shortness of breath, fatigue, joint pains, and congestion are some of the symptoms you will have if you have mold around your home.

There are several other materials around our homes that are a threat to human life apart from the ones discussed above. The overlooked risks can also exist in your homes immediate environment but will, in turn, affect your family. Therefore, to have a safe home you should treat all the threats equally. If your home is free of threats you will not have to worry about developing health complications.