Simple Ways to Give Your Office a Makeover

Over time, a space that was originally new and exciting can become anything but. If you’re feeling unmotivated or completely uninspired when you step into your office, then consider some of these ways to make your space feel like new again. 

Replace Your Old Furniture

Depending on your budget, it may or may not be realistic to do an entire revamp of your office furniture. But replacing even one or two pieces can make a big difference, and the big thing to consider here is where to buy office furniture. If you’re going to invest in new (or even second-hand) furniture, you might as well splurge for something that will be good for your body.  

Check out ergonomic office suppliers near you to make sure your future furniture properly supports your back, neck and wrists.

Colors, Shapes and Patterns

Many offices are swathed in palettes of grey and beige, but evidence suggests that color is better for productivity! Choose a bold blue or yellow to stimulate creativity, or green to produce a tranquil vibe. Whether you’re painting, putting up wallpaper or adding accent pieces to your space, color will transform your office into a whole new room. Combine your new color scheme with a funky rug and a few well-placed, office-loving plants, and you’ll never want to go home!

Get Creative With Your Space

Don’t hesitate to get unconventional! Add homey elements like patterned curtains or colorful sitting chairs to tone down the corporate feel in your office. Swap out your typical storage cabinets for shelves lined with baskets, bins or wooden trays. If you’re feeling really spunky, put up hanging shelves to hold knick-knacks and desk supplies or display them in a bookshelf made from painted crates.

It’s amazing what a few changes here and there can do to make your time at work a more pleasant experience. With these tricks, your office will feel brand new in no time.