Install an Integrated Home Network for Better Service

If you are remodeling an existing home or having a new one built, be sure to let your contractor know about any plans for electronics you plan to use. This could significantly affect the electrical design houston tx. An integrated home network allows you to run many interconnected devices at once, and the time to plan for that is before construction begins.

Integrated Home Network

An integrated home network runs from a central hub and incorporates all of the communications wiring. In the old days, you just plugged the TV and the computer into a wall outlet and the phone into the wall jack. With today’s high-speed, high-definition devices, this just doesn’t work anymore. The communications wiring comes into the hub and then the wires go to every room that will be connected.

Siting Devices

Before the electrical design stage begins, decide what devices you want where.

  • Do you want a home theater system in the basement family room?
  • Will you have a home security system with a camera?
  • Are you planning to have a home office with special wiring needs?
  • Do you want a TV in the master bath?

Decide on all of these questions before planning begins, so that you can have the kind of communications set up that works for you.

Special Wiring

Integrated home networks require CAT-5e phone wiring and RG6 coaxial cable in order to run optimally. This type of wiring is more expensive than standard house wiring, but it delivers the performance you are looking for from today’s high-definition devices. It doesn’t pay to scrimp on communications wiring and it is much less expensive to install before the walls are closed in.

Explaining your plans and desires with your contractor is very important before the design stage begins. Be sure to get what you want by communicating clearly.