Identifying Employees And Vehicles That Are Used to Deliver Goods

If a business provides a delivery service, identifying workers will prevent confusion when goods are dropped off at a commercial or residential address and will provide a delivery service with professionalism and organization. The ID carrying ideas below can be used to identify workers and mark vehicles that are used to transport products.

Laminated Cards And Lanyards

An employee’s name and a current picture can be printed on identification cards before placing cards inside of laminating sleeves. After sealing the edge of each sleeve, a hole puncher can be used to create a hole through the top of each card. A metal clip can be inserted through each hole before attaching the clip to a lanyard. A lanyard can have a business name or employee’s name printed on it or a company’s logo can be added to each piece of fabric.

If delivery drivers wear a lanyard around their neck, a identification card will be accessible at all times and people who greet a delivery person will be able to acquire basic information about the person who is dropping off an order.

Business Cards And Embroidered Uniforms

An advertising or printing business can assist with designing business cards that include a company’s name, services provided, a phone number, and address. Business cards that are brightly-colored or that have a pattern printed on them will stand out and attract the attention of potential clients.

If each driver is required to wear a uniform, embroidery can be added to a shirt’s pocket. A business name or the name of an employee that is stitched on fabric will be spotted as soon as a delivery person greets a customer.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals can be secured to a vehicle’s exterior and will not damage paint. Decals that have a business name printed on them can be attached to side panels or the front of a vehicle to promote a particular business and delivery services that are offered. After cleaning a vehicle’s body with automotive detergent and water, a car or truck’s exterior needs to dry before vinyl decals are secured to exterior pieces.