Businesses in Singapore Remain Confident About Digital Transformation

The digital aspect of a business is important for its growth. However, records show that most entrepreneurs have not achieved the balance that is needed to achieve this. Thus, innovators have been working hard to come up with the right procedures and elements that will promote digital growth in business.

Currently, Singapore is optimistic that there is hope in this. Although she has had her challenges, every entrepreneur who has keenly observed the current trend in digital growth believes that the next couple of years to come will bring some positive changes.

Facts About Business in Singapore

  • Failed digital projects in business – As shocking as it is, many businesses in Singapore have previously failed to succeed in their digital project. The data shows that 1 out of 4 businesses abandoned their projects after they failed.
  • Competitor influence in digital efforts – Another fact is that one of the main drivers in the digital world are competitors. However, customers also force companies to go this way.
  • Importance of big data – The majority of businesses in Singapore have shown an interest in big data. Some have confirmed that this technology is one of the most important and has transformed their lives.

From these facts, we can pick out two things: that there are challenges in adopting digital solutions and that there is hope that it will work smoothly in the future. Thanks to Singapore facts, we now know this.

Contribution Towards Digital Transformation

The main reason why Singapore is optimistic about this is that there are many factors that are currently contributing to its success. According to the One Visa website, foreign companies like Fujitsu Singapore are big contributors. They conduct surveys aimed at understanding the current situations and strategizing the best ways to improve digital solutions for businesses in the state.

People are making every effort to oversee this. Business leaders are currently equipping their employees with the right skills that are needed to increase digital penetration. As they incorporate the hardware and software needed, the staff needs to be ready to work with them according to the Fujitsu Singapore president, Mr. Wong Heng Chew.

Working Together

Businesses in Singapore has adopted a culture of collaborating with many other businesses outside of the country. A good example is Fujitsu Singapore, which understands the importance of collaboration. Of course, each side will have something to learn from the other. But Singapore is more interested in adopting the right digital solutions for business.

Effect of Technology Changes

As businesses make efforts to embrace digital solutions, tech advancement is playing a significant role. With the dawn of every single day, entrepreneurs are greeted with a new innovations with better solutions. They have no option other than to change with the trend if they want to fit in. This directly affects finance, marketing, and operations, which are the primary departments in a business.


Singapore is very optimistic that she will continue to grow digitally for the sake business. Since all eyes are upon this country, now that she is a business hub, there is no turning back.