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There is no denying that technology is essential when it comes to running any business. Encourage business schools to develop programs that will give graduates a balanced grounding in both management and technology. I also knew I enjoyed learning about science, but more specifically the technology that has real world application. As businesses bring technology into the boardroom, business schools need to bring it into the classroom.

The Master of Science in Management and Leadership program focuses on helping you build specialized leadership skills in a particular discipline and is designed to prepare you to pursue managerial and executive positions in a wide range of industries.

Converse Music Business and Technology students have enjoyed highly desirable internships both nationally and locally, including NPR in NYC and the historic Capri Theatre in Gaffney, SC. If you need a place to go to school now, learn how to register, where to go, and what you need to bring on our New Students page.

Tech fluency: Northwestern Law provides interested students with technology skills, such as coding and software development, that set them apart from other Law School graduates. Provides students with knowledge about the development of current and future technologies.

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Business and Technology

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Likewise, a trader can outdo his competitors by creating community development projects and programs. I was selected for a Business Technology Rotational Program” in the company and gladly accepted.
Business and Technology
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In the modern era, we cannot separate technology from business. Students will spend five to seven days in villages learning from locals and helping them to develop marketable products and their supply chains, explore and develop creative options for daily needs, and do unique marketing research to accessible markets for products.

Welcome to the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology at Webster University, a leading provider of business education worldwide. Potential students might be older working CIOs who want to become top business leaders or ambitious mid-level managers who want to optimize the role of technology in their organizations.

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Business and Technology
Welcome to the School of Business and Technology. Many of the programs that help businesses run efficiently have added potential. Specialized” accreditation involves the evaluation of particular units, schools, or programs within an institution with regard to effectiveness in preparing individuals for their chosen profession.

As part of the Honor’s Capstone course, students who earn a 3.6 cumulative GPA or better in MG-UY courses through their junior year qualify for an optional MG-UY 4904 BS Thesis in Business and Technology Management and follow the guidelines as outlined in the Academic Policies and Degree Requirements section of this catalog.
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Technology today is used in business everywhere, easily bringing the world and all of its knowledge to seekers as fast as the click of a mouse. The park’s location means partner firms in the life sciences, advanced engineering and information technology will have regular opportunities to interact with the faculty, research staff and students of one of the nation’s top public universities. I selected business administration as my minor and plan to continue my education at La Salle in the online MBA Program, while working for Pfizer.