5 Weird Small Business Ideas That Are Nonetheless Lucrative

We often wish we had beautiful business ideas pop up in our heads. However, not many believe that their ideas can be right enough to translate into a successful business. We think the ideas are weird or unpopular. But from different experiences, wack or unpopular ideas can be successful, too. See a few of them below.

1.  The Smashing Place

When some people are stressed or angry, they usually hurl objects and experience a sense of pleasure as they contact the wall. It feels great. That’s the whole idea behind Smashing Place.

The Smashing Place business idea located in Tokyo allows people to smash plates or cups against a concrete wall. They can get mad, yell, or do whatever else they want to feel better. A business like this would quickly gain popularity in a large city like New York. Reviews on us-reviews.com can help you know the steps you must take before starting a business like this in the U.S.

2.  Hangover Helpers

Here is the scenario: You and your friends stayed up partying all night. Now you’re suffering from an awful hangover, you’re dehydrated, and you now have a mess. The thought of making yourself something to eat and then cleaning up that colossal mess is too much of a hassle.

What will you do next? You refer to the Hangover Helpers. These two college guys in Boulder, Colorado, assist hangover victims in climbing back up from the depths of consciousness. The boys arrive with breakfast burritos and Gatorade ready to give to you. They then sanitize every space where the party took place. Participants in the program should recycle all of their beer bottles.

Your idea is too big not to work. This team has been featured on news outlets such as Fox News and CBS. They have a sufficient number of customers to make a living as long as they want. You can check for more home business online reviewson how weird business ideas like this become a fantastic idea.

3.  Bed Bug Barrier

Tony Abrams came up with a way to keep bedbugs away from their beds. The business he started, Bed Bug Barriers, makes and sells bedsheets designed to stop bed bugs specifically. These barriers trap the bedbugs while trying to crawl towards the bed to bite the sleeping people’s sleep.

Think it’s crazy? He made millions from this idea.

4.  The Pet Loo

If you’ve ever owned a pet while living in an apartment, you know how terrible it is to have to go out with them for potty in cold weather. Or maybe you work long hours and must rush home to let them out. You may be retired and find it impossible to make frequent runs back and forth to your home.

The Pet Loo started with this kind of scenario in mind. It is a square piece of fake grass that sits atop a waste containment system that you put inside your home or apartment. It is a small backyard that your pet can use to relieve himself. Even though The Pet Loo is an Australian-based business, similar businesses have sprung up in the U.S. Good idea? Of course!

People place their Pet Loos in different places, including basements, front yards, backyards, and even laundry rooms.

5.  I Do, Now I Don’t

When Josh gained his girlfriend back after a three-month relationship, he was surprised. All she gained from the situation was the fancy engagement ring she had promised to marry him with. Unfortunately, when he took the ring back to the jeweler to return it, the jeweler gave him a nasty surprise. He was offered $3,500 for the ring, but it is valued at nearly $10,000. Wow.

He began the I Do, Now I Don’t get even. I Do, Now I Don’t, is a website that allows users to sell their fancy jewelry to other users for a much lower price than it would be if they went to a jewelry store. Appreciate it as a sort of eBay for fine jewelry. The website has been successful and is currently featured in both The New York Times and CNN.


Starting a business is not an easy endeavor, but it becomes even harder when you do something you do not care about. So, go for that business idea you think is unusual and weird.